Fire Risk Assessment

A Fire Risk Assessment identifies the potential fire hazards, possible risks and the adequacy of the fire safety measures within a building or premises. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that any commercial premises with more than five occupants must ensure that a thorough Fire Risk Assessment has been carried out by a Competent Person and is reviewed at regular intervals.

Why do you need a Fire Risk Assessment?

The key reasons for conducting a fire risk assessment are:

  • Life Safety
  • Legal Compliance
  • Property Protection
  • Insurance requirements

Why choose us?

Our Fire Risk Assessment have previously been in the fire service, we have seen what can happen first hand. We know more about fire safety than most, and we care.

We will ensure that you not only have a fire risk assessment but we will advise and guide you along the way to ensure the correct and adequate improvements are made.

Fire Risk Assessment