Basic Fire Safety Training

Course information

This Basic Fire Safety course is for those who need to understand basic fire awareness, using skills learnt from this course they will be able to safely react if there is a fire.

What does the course cover?

We will cover:

  • The Fire Triangle
  • Fire Classification
  • The Causes of Fire
  • How Fires Spread
  • Fire Extinguisher Types
  • Basic Fire Safety within the Workplace

Who should attend?

This online course can be taken by employees, including managers and supervisors, who need to have a good understanding of fire safety and fire hazards in the workplace, which will help to ensure the workplace remains a safer working environment for everyone.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, stipulates that all members of staff should receive basic fire training at the start of their employment and periodically from then on.


  • At your workplace
  • At our training facilities


1/2 day

Price and availability

Please enquire for more information regarding prices and availability as prices may vary as to the location the course is carried out.